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LUCERNE4YOU.ch has invited Diccon Bewes for a presentation and Swiss Watching reading at the Stocker Book Store on
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 at 2pm

About the author and the book:
Shortly after being released last summer, the book Swiss Watching hit number one on Amazon.co.uk for books about Switzerland, and went on to be the bestselling English book in Switzerland last year.
The book is “crammed with unusual details of Swiss life”, says a reader in one of the expatriate forums. “I am amazed at how much I didn't know about this country I have lived in for 21 years!”. “Even as a Swiss, I realize with shame, that you know much more about Switzerland than I do. I really enjoyed your book; my sudden outbreaks of laugh earned strange looks from people around me” says another reader.

The Swiss press gave positive reviews for Diccon Bewes’ book as well. The Tages Anzeiger wrote “a love letter from a foreigner to his adopted home.” And Die Zeit said: “He is one of those Anglo-Saxon authors who describe foreign countries with a mix of loving irony and a well trained eye for eccentricity.” And in the British press, the Financial Times chose it as one of its Books of the Year 2010.
The author is a 43 year-old Englishman who has been living in Bern for the past six years. Diccon manages the Stauffacher English Bookshop and is one of those expats who shortly after moving here became fluent in German. Swiss Watching is Diccon’s first book and it's not just a travel book, but a brave dive into the Swiss mentality and a very unique approach to the everyday Swiss life of a foreigner. Diccon tries to surpass the stereotypes, enjoy the Swiss way and describe the origins of classical local figures and myths. His blog can be read here
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Stocker Book Store
Hertensteinstrasse 44
6004 Lucerne


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